Reader reviews

Here is a sampling of reader reviews on the works of J.B. Winsor:

“River Stone”

“As he did in ‘The Wolf,’ JB Winsor displays his profound story-telling abilities. Like Ivan Doig and Wallace Stegner, Winsor’s own experiences have blessed him with an understanding of the West, its contradictions, and its irresistible lure.” – Ron Stewart

“I loved the arc of the story, the set-up in Manhattan, the main characters, the book’s accelerating pace, and the smells and sights of Montana. Jason is a wonderfully complex character, and the better I got to know him, the more I was taken with him. There is a ring of authenticity about the book, which suggests that the author clearly knows about or has experienced just about everything in it. And it is filled with surprises – artful turns of events that were unpredictable.” – A. Sadler

“JB Winsor has written a fast-moving and thought-provoking story that reminds me of ‘The Horse Whisperer’ or one of Pat Conroy’s novels. I am giving it to friends and family. Hopefully, he has more coming before long.” – Dave Downey

“JB Winsor traces three generations of Thatchers from the bowels of Wall Street to a hardscrabble Montana ranch on the other side of Dead Man’s Pass. The family members deal with rejection, sibling rivalry, redemption, love and ultimately choosing between what is legally permissible and what is morally right. Interwoven among these relationships Winsor reveals his vast knowledge of nature, wild life and the West.” – George Ramsey

“The Fire Bear”

“I love all the short stories by JB Winsor and his novel, “River Stone.” Since I lived in Colorado and traveled to Wyoming many times, his western mountain settings are great memories for me. I am anxious to read many more stories from JB. – Ess Casey


“JB Winsor can take you on a trip to the great outdoors like no one else. He knows the country, and his descriptions are evocative and true. In this case, he mixes the descriptions of the physical world with memories, and the effect is breathtaking. It makes you want more. Then, on second thought, you realize it was just right – a satisfying read. – Jerrie Hurd

“Love of the Hunt”

“The author has written a series of short stories that use the hunt as a metaphor for looking for meaning in life. He succeeded in making me laugh out loud, shed some tears, and think about the meaning of my own life. What more can one ask from a book or a storyteller? Along the way, he upsets some prejudicial and stereotypical views of hunting and hunters – and reinforces a few as well.” – David Downey

“The beautiful writing in ‘Love of the Hunt’ does for me what the writing of my long-time favorite outdoor author, Sigurd Olson, does. Olson wrote extensively of his times in “The Boundary Waters” of Minnesota and Canada and pulled me north with him on many a cold winter night of reading. JB Winsor does that. He takes me on his “magic carpet” to feel with him in his adventures in the West and Arctic, his unique sense of nature as a spiritual quest. – Robert J. Morgan